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Old copies of Quran in great demand

old quranIf you happen to own a copy of old Quran, it might be worth that of a whole treasure. A news article published on topix.net covers about a recent auction in London where a copy of Quran dated June 1203 was sold for $2.3 millions. Earlier estimated to fetch up to $715,000, the antique manuscript of Quran signed by Yahya bin Muhammad ibn ‘Umar on 17 Ramadan 599 earned $2,327,300 to the Hispanic Society of America. During the same auction, yet another copy dated back to 10th century sold for $1,870,000.  

Quite interestingly, several libraries and museums across the globe boastfully preserve old copies of Quran. However, the oldest known manuscript of Quran is possessed by Mohammad bin Nasser Al-Kudry, a Saudi residing at Abha. You would wonder at the fact that the copy carries the date of the Hijrah year 116, which was more than 1,300 years ago.  

The library of the Great Mosque in Sanaa proudly displays a very old manuscript of Quran handwritten by Imam Ali bin Abu Taleb, Zayd bin Thabit and Salman Al-Farsi. A library in Mashhad at Iran has the world’s largest collection of about 11,000 Quranic manuscripts dated back from the first century.  

Based on a report published by Quatari daily named The Peninsula, Saeed Ali Al Suwaidi, a Quatari auctioned a calligraphic copy of Quran for $4.3 millions, which is about 400 years old. Notably, the manuscript was completed over five long years ending with 1034 Hijri.  

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  • We are direct descendants of Emperor Shahjehan. I have inherited from
    my father, who inherited it from grandfather’s library, a 300 year old
    copy of the Holy Quran, presumably written by Emperor Aurangzeb. The
    manuscript does not bear the name of the Katib; neither the signature of
    the Emperor who never signed a manuscript to discourage commercial
    exploitation and unjust price fixation. I am an honest management
    consultant and despite my 30 year experience and foreign qualifications
    in Germany, I am finding it difficult to earn an honest living.I want
    to raise substantial amount of money by selling this rare family
    possession to open an institute of management sciences for the poor
    students. With a considerable portion of the expected proceeds of this
    sale, I would purchase and distribute 1000 copies of the Holy Quran with
    translation in English and Urdu for world-wide distribution. Some
    amount will go into Tablighi activities and small jobs for the poor
    Muslim students. Those interested may contact me at my e-mail address
    and I would be pleased to send more details of the manuscript along
    with pictures. Mahmud Iqbal Baig, Rawalpindi (Pakistan). Email is mibaig_pdf at hotmail.com

  • faez.nl

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I am Syrian citizen, and I live in Sweden…
    I own complete handwritten Qu’ran manuscript, which includes its age (160 Years) and the name of its writer.
    And I have received many offers to buy it from many western directions.

    In addition to, I own old (Rolex) watch, its age about (50 years), and it contains map of Middle East, Arabian Gulf, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Egypt, besides of three emeralds in its engine.

    So, I give you an offer to sell these antiques, or to guide me to Islamic direction which interests to manuscripts and Arabian Islamic manuscript.
    For more information you can ask me on:


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