“Western” yet modest Muslim Clothing

Muslim women, especially those living in the west, have helped in the creation of new designs and styles of “Islamic Clothing”. This clothing, which is a departure from the traditional “Jalabeeb” and Jilbab / Abaya type of clothing, includes long skirts, long tunics and matching shawls and scarves. Numerous Islamic Clothing websites now cater to this new wave of Islamic clothing in the western world. The attached video shows these styles of Islamic clothing that are being popularized more in the western world.  


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  • Abdul Malik bin Shikongo

    May Allah guide us all and particularly the Muslim woman to realise that
    Allah did not make hijaab obligatory to make them suffer, but
    to protect their dignity and modesty as believers.
    I pray that the “westoxicated” Muslim woman, will finally drop
    the excuses for not putting on proper hijaab. Alhamdulillah.

    • Anonymous

      what about men? men are suppose to be modest just as much as women so where is their proof of modesty?

  • maryam

    I’ve noticed the western influence on muslim clothing for women now highlights the women’s beautiful shape. The clothes are tighter fitting and tapered at the waist to accent women’s curves and the models showing them wear heavy makeup and stand in sexy, glamorous poses. Sometimes the only thing distinquishing the muslim attire from the non-muslim attire is the scarf on the head! This doesn’t show modesty to me. We need to incorporate the western styles with the eastern rememberance of loose fitting modest clothing that doesn’t accent the women’s beauty.

    • sis lucinda

      I agree sis, very well said.

    • Patricia Garcia Cabrero

      You are right ,so much make up,I have a question that perhaps you can answer ,I used to live in Israel and I sometimes wear a scarf ,and I would like to know what you wear in a very hot weather,or where you get this clothing…I hope I can wear proper clothing someday…

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