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Dua asking for love and understanding between people

This Dua can be used to reconcile between people and their affairs and to ask Allah to instill love between them.


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    what duas can i read for a husband that has not fullfilled any of his duties, he earns money but chooses not to contribute to the marriage, a husband who doesnt want to live with the wife, a husband that is very selfish and evil and though claiming to love me for 18 years and then to marry me and leave me after a week of marriage… and to cause turbulence in my life and will not listen to reason or commit.

    • Sadaf

      Assalamo Alaikum sister, I can understand how painful it is to experience someone who’s love you trusted and cherished so deeply go away deceiving you. Trust Allah, have faith, ask him only for faith and relief, both. Remember that he’s al hakim (all wise) al aleem (all knowing). We may not be able to comprehend his wisdom for the time being, but be assured that he will gain nothing from punishing us. Read a lot of astaghfar and keep reading “Hasbunallaho wa nimal wakeel” all the time. Inshallah, his help is near, and you will see thinks becoming beautiful again, with open eyes!
      Frustration comes up, as we are only humans, and we have no power to stop anything from happening, but whenever that happens, start reading astaghfar, fear Allah, that is enough to refrain from sins. Remember, our so many lovely muslim brothers and sisters make dua for us everyday, and duas never go unanswered. May Allah give us peace and take us in his refuge from all the evil.

  • Zai

    What dua is there for my husband that is a cheater and now lost his job, but don’t want to make dua or salaah in asking Allah’s mercy and forgiveness. I think he is shy of Allah.


  • Shaheen Ali

    My parents live separately and there is a lot of hatred between them.l want them to live together Both are in old age.What dua should I read to bring them together?

  • SI

    Asalaam Alaikum.. I have been married for 9years in the July. We have had ups and down, but husband says we’ve had more downs since the start f the marriage (arguing, on and off). We had some incidents earlier in the marriage and he had moved on but not really as he’s kept it against me and I also have to then forgiving and moving on. Due to this, this kept me from sharing, being open and being a wife. Also had an affect on our love for one another and also that we never really respected one another as a husband and wife. Last night I had tried addressing a matter that we had during the day and ended up verbally Divorced 3 times. I have not been able to think str8 as it feels like someone has taken a a huge chunk out of me. I have requested for a sincerely for another chance for me making Mends in our marriage but he ain’t having it as he says nothing has been and don’t see anything changing now despite our 2beautiful daughters. He wants to part in a good basis to maintain a good relationship for our daughters sake. I love my husband but have made mistakes and this surely had been a real wake up call.

    I want him to give us another change/go, I want to be a loving wife caring and supportive wife! What can I do to have this work?? Also what is the procedure after a husband giving divorce verbally 3rimes. Ya Allah…

    • admin

      w/salam – Please refer to the website islamqa.info for detailed answers on such matters.

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