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Relief From Distress – An explanation to the Dua of Prophet Yunus: Free Islamic Book

Relief From Distress An Explanation to The Dua of Prophet Yunus

Here is an excellent publication that discusses the famous Dua of Prophet Younus for relief from distress and life’s challenges. Every Muslim should read this and use this knowledge to help them from life’s trials and tribulations. This books addresses the following topics:

  1. The actual meaning of this supplication (Dua)
  2. Why does this specific supplication (dua) remove harm?
  3. Does the mere acknowledgement of sin combined with tawhid lead to its forgiveness and the alleviation of difficulty, or is something else required?’
  4. `Why is it that relief comes after a person has given up all hope in creation and how can one make his heart dependent on Allah alone?
  5. A discussion of hope and fear (How people misunderstand this topic and the correct understanding)
  6. The role of emotions
  7. and many more very interesting and captivating topics

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  • May Allah(swt) help all the oppressed across the world and defeat the tyrants and illegitimate rulers. Ameen.

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