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The universality of the Islamic message

The message of the Quran is in complete harmony with human natural needs (fitra). It speaks to the human heart as well as the human faculty of reason at the individual level and at the group level. It is a rational revelation that invites its readers to understand the signs of God, Allah (SWT) by logic and reasoning. The cardinal principles of good governance such as consultation, honesty and sincerity, impartiality and incorruptibility, accountability and transparency, justice for all without bias and prejudice, and human welfare for all and particularly for the poor and the needy, the deprived and the destitute was enshrined in the Qur’an long before the people of the world had even conceived of them.

Accountability is one of the key components of Islamic values and is repeatedly emphasized in the Qur’an and Traditions (Ahadith). Human beings are accountable both in this world and in the Hereafter for all their deeds in this world. [Ref]

Even the rulers are not exempted. Abu Bakr (ra), the first caliph of Islam after the death of the Prophet, in his inaugural Khutba (address) stressed on accountability and categorically stated: “Follow me if I am right and correct me when I am wrong”.

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