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Most Muslims very well know the blessings of the nights of Ramadan, especially the last ten nights. However, not everyone knows that the first ten days of the last month of the Islamic month, Dhul Hijjah, are equally packed with blessings. Allah has provided Muslims numerous opportunities throughout the year to renew their faith and [...]


Based on the works of Bilal Philips: This post describes the genealogy and description of God, the Most Merciful as it is described in Surah Ikhlas. It was revealed by Allah to refute beliefs attributed to Him by misguided people concerning His similitude, form, origin and offspring. For example, those who paint pictures or make [...]


In this blessed month of Ramadan, we have now come to the grand finale – the last ten days of Ramadan that are even more blessed than the rest of Ramadan. In it is a night that Quran tells us is better than 1000 months (yes, months – not days). The Messenger of Allah (peace [...]

Laylat al-Qadr (night of Decree) is one of the major blessings of Ramadan. During this night, Quran was sent to Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.). About this night, the prophet has informed us that all our sins could be forgiven. Worshipping Allah on that night is better than worshipping Him for 1000 months. The following ahadith shed [...]


A Ramadan Message: A Time for Growth in Love, Devotion and Lasting Change

June 26, 2014

The time for Ramadan is here again, so once more we will be actively involved in Ibadat, or acts of devotion, including fasting, prayers, Taraweeh, late night prayers, Quran recitation, and other forms of worship. However, before we become too engaged in our Ibadat, let’s remember our larger goals for this month so that we [...]

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Significance of Surah Al-Falaq and An-Naas

June 9, 2014

  We learn from the hadith about the significance of both Surah Al-Falaq and Surah A-Naas. These two surahs are also referred to as “Mu’wadaitain”, which is an Arabic word that refers to the last two surahs of the Qur’aan. Prophet’s ahadith clearly tell us that these two surahs were revealed to seek protection from [...]

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