Getting through difficult times (Lessons learned from Surah Yousuf)

These verses from Surah Yousuf show us about steadfastness of faith, how to keep one’s trust in Allah and to exercise patience. These verses also illustrate how envy can blind men and lead them to commit sins against their own next of kin. 15. So, when they took him away and they all agreed to [...]


Dua Khatam Quran – After Finishing Quran

Here is a Dua that you can recite for Khatamul Quran, i.e. after completing the Quran recitation. -- End

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The Importance and Rewards of Zakat and Sadaqah

  In Islam, giving Zakat and Sadaqah (chairty) has enormous rewards. The Quran verses and the Prophet's (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) ahadith attest to the fact that giving charity not only is an act of kindness toward the recipients but it has enormous benefits for those who give it including warding off life’s challenges and problems [...]

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Dawah Books for Distribution to Churches and Mosques

Anti-Islam Hate Crimes in USA!       Problem Root Causes!       The Solution!           Dawah Participation Steps     Order the Books Below   A Brief Illustrated Guide to Understanding Islam - ENGLISH (Click to order here) (This book will be sent to non-Muslim religious centers within USA) Christianity and [...]


Download Book: The Key to Happiness

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A guide to attaining marital bliss

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