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Allah tells how His Messenger and Prophet Muhammad (SAW) will say: “O my Lord! Verily, my people deserted this Quran.” The full verse of Surah Furqan is as follows: ’And the Messenger will say: “O my Lord! Verily, my people deserted this Qur’an.”’  Surah Furqan (Verse 30) The Arabic word ‘mahjur’ is capable of several […]


These two stories from the Prophet’s (S.A.W.S.) ahadith (sayings) shed light on Allah’s happiness when we ask Him for His forgiveness for our sins. The stories also show that Allah is always looking for ways to forgive his believing slaves – we just need to make that strong intention to look inward, recognize our sins, […]


When we love Allah, that love draws us closer to Him and helps us build a strong relationship that can help us in this life and in hereafter. As Muslims, our faith requires that our love for Allah and his prophet supersedes any other type of love for any other object or creation. Many scholars […]


Zaid ibn Su`nah was one of the very notable Jewish scholars of Madinah and lived at the time of the prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam – May Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) in Madinah. The following story about him is narrated by Abdullah ibn Salaam (may Allah be pleased with him) who was […]


Islamic beliefs on “Death of Jesus and Crucifixion”

December 15, 2014

The following is extracted from Iqrasense.com’s publication, Jesus – The Prophet Who Didn’t Die.The story is based on the events as stated in the Quran and elaborated by other narrations by Ibn Kathir in his book “Stories of the Prophets by ibn Kathir.” Beliefs surrounding the events of the death of Jesus differ between Christians […]

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Jesus (Eesa) –The Prophet who Didn’t Die

December 14, 2014

Jesus – The Prophet who didn’t die The detailed account of the death of Jesus Christ (Prophet Eesa, peace by upon him) is provided in detail by the Noble Quran along with an account of his birth, miracles, and his ascent to the heavens before his alleged crucifixion. The following are excerpts from the book […]

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